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Nashville Songwriter / Artist


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Music symbolically can represent the canvas for love, the background for a celebration, freedom while driving down a country road, or in the case of Kaylin, music became her lifeline.  At the fragile age of 9 she was the victim of an unfortunate dog attack that required life support and facial reconstruction rendering indelible facial scars that ignited the zeal for inspiration, hope and strength in her heart.


As Kaylin navigated the obstacles of uncertainty delivered at the hands of her youthful tragedy, she found solace in music.  Singing simply filled her young heart and made her happy.

Inspired by some of her biggest influences, spanning Miley Cyrus, Kasey Musgraves, to Shania Twain, Kaylin was compelled to craft her own inspirational words in the form of written songs to share her message with others.


Kaylin’s formative years as a performer were spent, touring school systems throughout the United States, combating the bullying epidemic plaguing society’s youth – Kaylin instantly captivated the attention of this youthful generation via relatable inspirational dialogue and the form of song.  


Fast forward to the ripe age of 19, freshly out of high school with a proud 4.0+ gpa, a young accomplished vocalist, pianist, guitarist, philanthropist, and budding songwriter is drawn to move to Nashville, TN to get serious and get to work on her dream.  Not the typical dream of becoming a superstar, but the dream of embedding her body and soul into the grueling world of industrial music.  Kaylin quickly met like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds, began co-writing, making genuine friends, co-writing some more, attending rounds, attending more rounds, meeting established writers, long time publishers, continued writing, pitching to publishers, rewriting the chorus, the bridge, versus, next song, day in, and day out.  Song after song, Kaylin co-wrote for more than a year, sometimes two and three writes per day, growing, learning and educating herself along the way.


On May 29th 2020, Kaylin released her first Nashville single, “Out of My Town”.  Kaylin chose this song as the song gained interest amongst her many mentors.  This song also a top 10 finalist in the NSAI songwriter’s contest for 2020.  Kaylin plans on releasing many more songs for 2020.  So, if you ever make it to Nashville, you can find Kaylin and her band singing at the Redneck Riviera on Broadway Thursday nights, playing for the Song Suffragettes at the Listening Room Café, or a round at the Live Oak.  You can follow Kaylin on all major social media platforms by just typing “Kaylin Roberson”. 


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